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Pastor Dr.Ron Dobbs
Associate Pastor Rev.David Dobbs
Music Director Aaron Speck
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Title Speaker Service Date
Who Is That God That Delivers You Dr.Ron Dobbs Sunday Worship 10/30/2016
Rendering Unto God (Our Worship) Rev.David Dobbs Sunday School 10/30/2016
Be Found Faithful Dr.Ron Dobbs Sunday Worship 10/23/2016
Rendering Unto God (Ourselves) Rev.David Dobbs Sunday School 10/23/2016
If God Were To Grant One Wish Dr.Ron Dobbs Sunday Worship 10/16/2016
Rendering Unto God (Our Praise) Rev.David Dobbs Sunday School 10/16/2016
Being Absent Dr.Ron Dobbs Sunday Worship 10/9/2016
Rendering Unto God Rev.David Dobbs Sunday School 10/9/2016
The Saving Call Rev.David Dobbs Sunday Worship 10/2/2016
Why Stand Ye Gazing Aaron Speck Sunday School 10/2/2016
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