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Pastor Dr.Ron Dobbs
Associate Pastor Rev.David Dobbs
Music Director Aaron Speck
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Title Speaker Service Date
Defeating Your Purpose Rev.David Dobbs Sunday School 2/1/2015
The Arrows Of Deliverance Rev.David Dobbs Sunday Evening 1/25/2015
The Hand Of God (And Fear Of God) Dr.Ron Dobbs Sunday Worship 1/25/2015
The Main Ministry Of Jesus Christ Rev.David Dobbs Sunday School 1/25/2015
Acknowledging Your Senses Rev.David Dobbs Sunday Evening 1/18/2015
A Touch From God Dr.Ron Dobbs Sunday Worship 1/18/2015
Put Your Hands Up You're Surrounded Rev.David Dobbs Sunday School 1/18/2015
Who's Your Daddy Rev.David Dobbs Sunday Evening 1/11/2015
The Breath Of God Dr.Ron Dobbs Sunday Worship 1/11/2015
Stewardship Through Contentment Aaron Speck Sunday School 1/11/2015
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